Content Strategy Master’s Degree Programme – Throwback and Outlook

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If everything goes according to plan, only 4,5 months are left until I will finish my studies of Content Strategy at the FH JOANNEUM. With the two posts below I started into this adventure 19 months ago.


September 2017

Introduction Statement

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra and I hold a master’s degree in English and American studies. I was born in Villach (Carinthia) but moved to Graz for my studies and I still live in that great city. I work as a Document & Knowledge Management Lead for a leading digital sports content and media group.
I am a passionate reader of (mainly) English literature. Whenever possible, I travel. I have been to amazing destinations such as Ireland :heart: , Canada, Denmark, Croatia … My next trip (which I actually won as I participate in online competitions a lot) will be to Hong Kong and I am really excited about it. This trip will be the perfect occasion to test my brand-new prime lens. As you may guess now, I love to take photographs! As food seems to be very popular here, I should probably mention that I also like to cook (I dislike ready-made fruit dumplings and Kasnudel which is why I have to make them myself 😉 )
I am looking forward to meeting you all!


Motivation to Study CS

I am a content enthusiast which was the reason why I decided to give up human medicine and start with English and American studies instead. During my studies, I developed the skill to detect good content and spot bad content. However, that’s just the easy part. I am well aware that it is not so easy to create good content. In our company, there is room for improvement in various areas and I realised that I would have to enhance my skills if I want to be part of that process. My Google search brought me to the Content Strategy website. I was very excited because this master’s programme offers the whole package and that is exactly what I need.
Honestly, I am looking forward to all topics because I have hardly any expert knowledge of any of them. I think that the technical aspects will be the biggest challenge for me. However, challenge accepted!


March 2019

Introduction Statement

Everything that I wrote into my introduction statement to the COS17 student group in Slack, is still true. I was super-excited to find out about the educational and professional background of my colleagues. And I have to admit that I started to wonder how I got accepted because I was overwhelmed with the expertise of the others.

I was keen to get to know them after the online socialisation phase. During the first presence week  in October in Graz, I found out that they are an awesome bunch of content heroes and I am really glad that I am part of this extraordinary group. I have been looking forward to presence times but have always been too exhausted to make the best of them.


Motivation to Study CS

In September 2017, I accepted the challenge to successfully complete the subjects with a technical focus. Retrospectively, I would say that I was a bit naive in this respect. I struggled with backend development, basics of web techniques and R and without support I would have spectacularly failed. However, I even got good grades thanks to my personal tutor who explained everything to me with the patience of a saint when I was already cursing like a devil. Maybe I would even have turned into a techie if there had been more time to immerse myself into these topics.

Generally, I enjoyed most of the other subjects. Nevertheless, I have come to the conclusion that we never had time to dig deeper and only scratched the surface of most topics. This could be compensated by reading a lot of expert literature but it is not the same as practical experience.

Would I study Content Strategy again? I can answer this question with a clear YES with regard to the interesting subjects, the great colleagues and the personal and professional development. When I think about the impact it had on my whole life, I would probably say NO. It is stressful and it has been a challenge not to quit for the past 19 months.


June/July 2019 and Afterwards

My schedule till the 10th of June is tight. No, it is extremely tight because want to hand in my final draft of the master’s thesis for approval. In July, I would like to take the final exam. And what then? I have no idea. However, I am looking forward to spending time with my partner, family and friends, taking photographs and enjoying life.

And last but not least: Hong Kong was awesome!


©Photos: Alexandra Wurian





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  1. I was also overwhelmed by the experience and backgrounds of our colleagues. Looking back I think we learned a lot not only about Content Strategy also about ourselves and I am very thankful meeting so many great people.

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