New Year’s Resolutions of a Master’s Student

Time flies! I am already in the third semester of the master’s programme Content Strategy at the FH Joanneum. It is Christmas time which is traditionally the time when people set their New Year’s resolutions. Generally, I don’t do that because I never keep mine. This year is different because next year must be different!

Work Out

Working 40 hours per week and studying leaves hardly any time to work out. I have no idea how to squeeze in training sessions but I must do it. Spending between 10 and 14 hours in front of my computer has not only made my jeans shrink. Two disc prolapses (a minor one in the neck and one in my lower back) are the main arguments for this resolution. Unfortunately, 7 sessions of physio has improved the pain but did not make it go away completely. Thus, I must work out to strengthen all my muscles but especially those in my back to improve my quality of life. Currently, I walk or cycle to the office which is already a good start. The workout may also have a positive influence on the second resolution.


Get More Sleep (Quality)

The plan is to sleep at least 8 hours per night. Currently, I only get between 6 and 7 hours maximum of sleep and I feel tired all day long. This definitely has an impact on my productivity. The quality of these few hours of sleep is mainly decreased by the pain in my back. Thus, the first resolution must be definitely be kept to make the second resolution possible.


Say Goodbye to Perfection

The work for the university must be done, no doubt about that. Especially, when teamwork is concerned, it is important to do a good job. However, I need to abandon my perfectionism. Sometimes, 80% is enough! Improvements are always possible but they are not necessary to pass a course. Nobody (apart from myself) will care for my grades. It is really important for me to achieve that because it would save me a lot of time that I can spend on the workout resolution and for quality time with my partner, family and friends.


Relish the Time off

The quality time that I will gain is crucial for my mental health. I feel that I have been on the verge of a breakdown several times these past 14 months. Stress at work and at the university, together with no real holidays for over a year have taken their toll. Thus, I start with a three week holiday over Christmas and New Year. Hopefully, I can reload my batteries while on a skiing holiday. I will need it for the final spurt!


Hand in the Master’s Thesis in June

The goal is to hand in the master’s thesis in June and take the exam in July. This needs to be planned well (considering the other resolutions as well). However, I want my life back! Don’t get me wrong! I learn a lot and really appreciate that! But I am so looking forward to coming home from work and just do nothing. And yes, I still remember my first resolution. But doing the workout without a bad conscious will also be much more enjoyable!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And good luck with your own resolutions!

© Photos by Alexandra Wurian

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